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TapTown Roasters

26 July 2020
TapTown Roasters

About the project

Taptown Roasters is a grassroots coffee roaster based in Nanton, Alberta. Swoon Creative developed a brand that encompassed the humble origins of Taptown Roasters and their incredible vision to help others into a conceptual brand that spoke to its audience and a functional website to reach them.

Taptown Roasters is not only passionate about good coffee, but has a mission to help those suffering from mental health and addiction issues.

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It's Ok Not To Be Ok.

Taptown believes that coffee is the great connector, a catalyst for conversation, forging relationships and networks. Taptown Roasters is a community driven, grass roots coffee company working to create premium coffee blends to strengthen relations within their community and advocate for mental health awareness.

Created by Dustin Lehne, he set out to create a company that could give back to his community and raise awareness on addiction and mental health.

Fireside Dark Roast
The Sunny Side
The Buddy Roast
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